From: $35.00


From: $35.00

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A 100% Electric Scooter designed to give you the comfort and versatility you need to go anywhere you want, all while looking the part — that’s true freedom.


  • Premium, hydraulic shocks for a smooth, controlled ride.
  • Charges in 2-6 hours with a standard 110 W outlet.
  • Electronics neatly tucked away and hidden from the elements.
  • Spring-loaded kickstand.
  • 1-piece, welded handlebar assembly for added safety.
  • Electronic-ABS hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Premium seat, with extra padding for a more comfortable ride.
  • Ultra-bright LED headlight with daytime running light.
  • High-powered, 1200 W electric motor stored safely inside wheel hub.

3 Driving Modes For Virtually Any Terrain:

8MPH, 13MPH, 20MPH. The three different drive modes keep you within legal limits during your ride.

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From: $35.00