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An Idea Generated by Youth and Enthusiasm

JP Schweizer is a 17 year old high school senior with big aspirations. Growing up in Amelia Island, Florida, JP was always active outdoors. An accomplished fly fisherman, sailor, sporting clay enthusiast, JP appreciates and feels attached to nature and the beauty of his surroundings.  JP and his family have travelled extensively on active vacations to Italy, Galapagos Islands, Croatia, The Netherlands and beyond. Hiking, bicycling and kayaking through faraway places has furthered his appreciation for nature and the condition of the world.

Once a promising youth basketball player, JP had the misfortune to break his back not only once, but twice. This was a major life change resulting in him starting his first business of selling high end tennis shoes, vintage clothes and high end leisure wear online. The business was a huge success and still operates profitably.

JP was guided to the scooter business by his Godfather, Jeff DeLapp. Jeff is a thoughtful, intelligent gentleman who appreciates innovative thinking and hard work. He and JP visited Phat Scooter to learn more about the manufacturer and the opportunity to bring Phat’s to the east coast.

JP is fully vested in Rollin’ Phat with his own funds. He believes the low environmental impact of these electric scooters is a huge asset to communities. Their sturdy construction, attention to detail and innovative design offer product longevity. His enthusiasm for the product, his attention to detail and desire to ‘do things right’ guide him in his efforts.

This is a young man to keep an eye on. You may see him cruising his custom Jacksonville Jaguar Scooter around Amelia Island. If you do stop him and he will be more than happy to discuss his passion for business and Rollin’ Phat.

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